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Susan Gatti, Executive Producer/Director

With over 20 years experience shooting film and video, Susan is responsible for developing multimedia campaigns and entertainment programs for her clients at QUE Productions

As an independent Producer Susan has worked with some of the top studios, networks, and ad agencies in NY producing TV/Radio commercials, corporate communications, training and marketing programs as well as original content for TV/Web and documentary film.

Her diverse background as an artist, oil painter, and graphic designer allows her “eye” to be a unique and valuable asset to her company

Nick Karis, Senior Editor/Director of Multimedia  

Graduating with a master’s degree in fine arts and communications from the New York Institute of Technology in 1993, Nick’s editing experience spans all genres, from sports programming to independent films. He is a skilled, creative and quick non-linear editor experienced in multiple formats. A master of software like Final Cut Studio, Adobe After Effects, and Photoshop, Nick has enhanced his editing skills beyond the normal expectations. In addition to his commercial and corporate productions, Nick has worked on documentaries and series segments for many cable networks. Nick takes the producer’s plans and the director’s technical execution then strikes an arc with editing capabilities that bind it together to tell a great story, evoke emotion or simply entertain the viewer.

Stephen Mann, Director of Graphics and Animation

Accomplished and dedicated award winning multimedia executive with expertise in high-end design, brand management, and marketing. Strategic visionary and tactician with strong ability to conceive, design, implement and animate projects to final execution. Proven track record of working with major television networks and Fortune 500 companies, Stephen has successfully demonstrated a unique combination of creativity, technology, business acumen and relationship fostering skills. Ability to build, lead and motivate harmonious teams for superior productivity.

Expertise in business development, design, brand management, and integrated marketing communications {B2B, B2C & B2G}. Also experienced in urban experience/communication design.

Keith Duggan, SOC/Director of Photography

Keith J. Duggan is an experienced and talented cinematographer. Frequently doing work from the east coast to the west coast, with award winning credits in film, television, corporate video, and lighting design. Besides doing work with QUE Productions Keith¹s work has appeared on: NBC’s Meet My Folks, ABC¹s The Bachelor, FOX Sports, MTV’s Making the Video, Becoming, and Dismissed, VH1¹s All-Access, Nickelodeon¹s Docu-Dance, The Howard Stern Show, and American Movie Classics just to name a few.

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