Every business has a unique story to tell and it’s our job to help you do that with quality video for your business! If you want your customers to understand more about your products and services, QUE Productions will write and produce a great video for your website and help you market it online.

Video plays an intricate part in today’s Corporate Communications, ranging from branding to product demos, event coverage to training programs. Each one of these areas requires a different approach and a video producer with the experience to know the difference.

For almost 20 years, QUE Productions has been providing quality video production services and A/V support for our corporate clients. We understand the production process inside and out, have the technical experience and creative know-how that is necessary to assist you every step of the way.

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Below are some sample videos:

Advertising and Marketing

Training Video

Product Demo

A/V Support for Meetings

Seminars and Webinars

Corporate Events

Here’s the scenario: Your company is bringing in an expert to brief the staff on a more efficient manufacturing technique, new marketing strategy, or perhaps just to give a technical demonstration. Not everybody in your organization can get to the meeting. So the boss says, “Let’s have it videotaped so those that can’t make it won’t miss out!” You think, “Great idea! How do we do that?”

You’ve come to the right place.  At QUE Productions, Corporate Events are a specialty of ours. We’ll amass the necessary information about the event to help you create an extraordinary and memorable experience for your audience. We provide audio/video support for keynote speakers and panelists, video intros & outros, PowerPoint and so much more.

QUE  can provides video coverage for conventions, meetings, seminars, company activities such as parties, dinners, golf tournaments and team-building games. When your event is over QUE can produce a highlight video for all participants to enjoy. Commonly referred to as “Happy Face” videos (because they show so many smiling faces having a great time. They’re a great morale booster and make wonderful mementos of the convention or conference. In the case of incentive trips, many companies use the “Happy Face” video as motivational tools for those who did not qualify to attend this year but, with increased performance, they may qualify for next year’s event.

Interactive DVDs

Interactive media can include chaptered video segments, printable white papers, PowerPoint, Excel sheets and other materials to help your salespeople be more effective in the field.